Saturday, October 20, 2012

No more Non-stick saute pans!!! Ever!!!

Just kidding. I got your attention though, didn't it? Okay so I'm not going to go all Mommie Dearest on you, but I would like to take time to talk about staple in almost every southern kitchen, the cast iron skillet. Most people are turned off by the care they believe is needed to own a cast iron, and the way they tend to appear after many years of use. Listen, I'm lazy and into shiny new stuff but I swear by this versatile piece of cookware. Which is why I have decided today to post some reasons you should own at least one cast iron skillet.

Versatility- This pan is the MacGyver of cookware. Too old of a reference? Umm, cast iron is like a freaking Smart phone! It can go from stove top to oven, no problem. You can cook your favorite cut of steak to perfection as well as turn around a bake a blackberry cobbler. What if you’re feeling fancy? Try some seared scallops? There’s an app for that, too. All kidding aside, seafood is ridiculously tasty when cooked in cast iron.

Cool Science stuff- You see, cast iron is a ferrous alloy which...Okay, wake up! I won’t go into the geek mode, but I will say that cast iron possesses so much versatility from its ability to get hot quick and stay hot. This makes the cookware excellent for searing food to lock in ample amounts of flavor and moisture. It also distributes the heat well, which makes your baking more skillful, no hot spots!

Easy to clean- One of the biggest misconceptions of owning cast iron is an labor intensive cleaning process. This is not true at all. Most times you can simply wipe it clean. If that freaks you out, you can use a mild soap and water; please make sure you dry dishes well.

I could go on and on, but as I mentioned before...I'm lazy. Seriously, three reasons should be enough. Okay, from time to time, I will revisit the world of cast iron to bring you tips on care and recipes. There, that should make up for only listing three reasons.
P.S. I did not include the gratuitous photo, because it's a skillet. If you are unaware of what a cast iron pan looks like, well, deeper issues going on there. Just saying.

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